Party, Mrs. Robert Hemingray listed in attendance


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States

Muncie. Mrs. Sprankle was the hostess and entertained in honor of Miss Stafford of Springfield, Ohio, Mrs. H.T. Bush of Detroit, Mich., and Mrs. E.g. Cunnea of Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs. Sprankle was an ideal hostess and was admirably assisted in receiving in the reception room by Mrs. R. S. Gregory and Mrs. T. K. Heinsohn. In the parlor Mrs. S.C. Cowan and Mrs. Harry M. Winans were stationed. Chocolate was served by Mrs. W.N. Kendall and Mrs. Robert Hemingray poured delicious tea.

The decorations were beautiful roses, potted flowers and smilax being used in profusion yet with an artistic taste that was charming.   The library and dining apartments where tea and ices were served, were in pink and green. The beauty of the decorations was enhanced by the mellow light from parlor lamps.

The guests were: Mesdames Charles Boldt, G.M. Bard, R.J. Winder, J.F. Wildman, W.W. Shirk, J.H. Smith, T.A. Neely, J. A. Heinsohn, C.H. Church, Martha Brotherton, C.E. Shipley, C. G. Neely, Herbert Maddy, A.F. Patterson, C.A. Spilker, C.F. Dickey, W.S. Richey, R.J. Beatty, B. F. Bradbury, G.O. Cromwell, A. J. Williams, F.O. Grannis, George Ball, Lucius Ball, Hattie Johnson, G.C. Janney, J.W. Ream, O.A. Johnson, T. F. Rose, M.E. Vandercook, L.L. Turner, H. R. Wysor, Milton Gray, J.W. Ryan, Kate Wilson, George Bower, A.J. Meeks, Eugene Vatet, William Whitely, J.W. Garner, Lon M. Neely, L.A. Franklin, E.F. Tyler, H. M. Winans, H.H. Highlands, A.E. Smith, F. G. McCullooch, F.W. Heath, Arabella Winans, T.F. Hart. J.R. Marsh, M.C. Smith, Edward Olcott, F. H. Hays, T. Morgan, F. C. Ball, B.H. Whitely, E.W. Bishop, N.F. Ethell, R. H. Hemingray, C. A. Kitts, J. V. Gilbert, A.V.R. Patton, C. M. Turner, Charles Bender, W. M. Patterson, John Love, Mrs. Downing, Richmond; Mrs. May, Galesburg, Ill.; Mrs. W. H. McDowell, Philadelphia. Misses Julia Campbell, Emma Lou Love, Nannie C. Love, Jeanette Love, Margie Edgar.


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