The Lenten Season, Card Party given, Mrs. Robert Hemingray in attendance


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Is Approaching Rapidly and Society Devotees are (centered)

Enjoying a Very Happy Time – An Event This Afternoon was a Very Enjoyable Card Part Given by Mrs. R. S. Gregory – Invitations out for Other Events.

The near approach of the Lenten season is conductive of numerous enjoyable events in the social world of Muncie. This afternoon from two until six o’clock, Mrs. Ralph S. Gregory of East Washington street was an admirable hostess to a part of ladies, in honor of Mrs. Cunnea of Cleveland, and Mrs. Bush of Detroit, who are guests of Mrs. James Sprankle. Miss Olive Stafford of Springfield, Ohio, who has been visiting Mrs. Gregory, was to have been one of the honored ladies but was forced to return to her home Saturday noon.

The beautiful Gregory home was tastefully decorated with verdant palms and lovely carnations. The decorations on a mantel in the reception room were greatly admired. Euchre was enjoyed and the playing was spirited. Mrs. Gregory served a three course luncheon that was replete in every detail.

The guests were: Medames Cunnea, Bush, Sprankle, J. V. Gilbert, C. W. Dickey, C. A. Spilker, H. M. Winans, George Cromwell, Robert Hemingray, Elmer Whitely, C. L. Bender, Arthur Meeks. G. W. Bowen, Charles Wilcoxon, Herbert Maddy, C. G. Neely, Kendall, Thos. Morgan, S. C. Goshorn, George McCulloch, W. L. Little, John Kirby Heinsohn, Julius Heinsohn, Chas. Turner, Lon Turner, J. E. Durham, Kate Wilson, C. H. Anthony, Walter Bell, Wm. F. McDowell, Will Patterson, E. F. Tyler, O. A. Johnson, Chas. Boldt, H. R. Wysor, M. E. Vandercooke, Charles Boyce, James Boyce, Lee Hermann and Clifford Sampson, Misses Nannie and Jeanette Love.

Tomorrow evening Mrs. T. K. Heinsohn will entertain in honor of Mrs. Sprankle’s guests; Mrs. Cowan Wednesday afternoon and Mrs. Hemingray, Thursday afternoon.


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