A Red Tea, social event Mrs. Hemingray in attendance


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Mrs. F. W. Heath Gave a Lovely Social Event Yesterday Afternoon.

Mrs. F. W. Heath entertained yesterday afternoon at the magnificent Heath home at Adams and Jefferson streets in honor of Mrs. Perry S. Heath of Cincinnati. The event was a red tea and the decorations and luncheon confirmed with the red idea.

The decorations were of a kind never before displayed in Muncie and were arranged after the original ideas of the hostess. The large square hall was banked with verdant palms among the leaves of which sparkled miniature red electric lights and presented a pictured dream of the abode of fairies. Behind this bank was stationed the Wysor Grand orchestra. Numberless stands of smilax formed a green curtain for the stairway. This curtain was draped back with broad bands of red silk ribbon. In the parlors and music room the red was predominant in the decorations as it was in the lovely dining apartment. In the center of a large table was a huge candelabrum supported by a figure of cupid. Ribbons of smilax were drawn to each corner and were surmounted by twinkling red lights. The mantles were banked with palms and red hyacinths. The luncheon was red, even to the salads and ices. The tea room upstairs was in red. Miss Pearl Bennett directed the ladies to this room where Mrs. Ben Bowman poured the delicious concoction and Mrs. S. C. Goshorn and Miss Georgette Kemper did the honors. Mrs. Heath was assisted by the ladies mentioned above and by Mrs. May Heath, who served frappe, Mrs. Aver of Detroit, Mrs. Cunnea of Cleveland, Mrs. Bush of Detroit, Mrs. O. A. Johnson, Mrs. James Sprankle and Mrs. Hemingray.

The ladies assistants and guests were admirably gowned as was Mrs. Heath, who was very stately in red moussilline de soi with jeweled trimmings and diamond ornaments. Other gowns were: Mrs. P.S. Heath white and lavender stripped silk, elaborately trimmed in point lace; Mrs. Avery, flowered silk with trimmings of fur and pearls; Mrs. Cunnea, black and gray striped silk, trimmings of block chiffon; Mrs. Bush, green silk trimmed in lace; Mrs. Sprankle, pale blue china silk trimmed with green velvet and lace; Miss Heath, cream brocaded satin trimmed with velvet and lace; Mrs. Hemingray, pale green satin with gold trimmings; Miss Kemper, blue organdy over silk; Mrs. Bowman, Dresden silk trimmed in lace; Mrs. Goshorn, cream surah silk; Miss Bennett, white silk and pale blue chiffon trimmings; Mrs. Johnson, brown taffeta silk.


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