A Rushing Business, Phones placed in the following houses, Robert Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Is Being Done by the Central Union Telegraph Co. – New Phones Put Up.

Manager Springer of the Central Union Telephone company is a hustler. During the past two months he has placed phones in the following houses: Dr. Searcy, Robert Scott, Chas. Bender, J. N. Templer, James Bingham, Chas Emeron, T. F. Rose, S.Q. Bracy, Dr. J.C. Ross, Quince Walling, Geo. Brooks, Chas. Harter, F.B. Nickey, W. R. Snyder, Wm. Wood, A. W. Chapman, Geo. Keelor, J. W. Ream, O. M. Stuart, D. P. Campbell & Co., James Love, Al Goshorn, B. W. Bennett, Will Hanking, W. W. Kimball Co., Thomas Neely, Will P Davis, Ind., Fruit Jar Agency, C. P. Franklin, J. D. Mock, Thad Tuthill, T. M. Palmer, H. S. Riggs, C, S. Hunt, F. C. Spradling, Muncie District Telegraph Co., Dr. G. H. Searcy’s office, O. L. Bartlett, Ervin Saloon, Mrs. David Wilson, Dr. J. C. Ross, J. Randolph, Mauer & Peters, Magic City Canning Co., W. C. Sampson, Carl Spilker, S. C. Goshorn, Dr. Spurgeon, Jacob Stiffler, Walter Davis, Chas. Baldwin, Levi Jones, A. B. Phillips, Ed Tyler, Arthur Cassady, Albert Richey, Thad Neely, Robert Hemingray, Wm. Sumption, Lon Neely, J. M. Moody.


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