Federate Club reception, Ashley Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States

Brilliant Club . . . [illegible text] . . . at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Boyce.

A fitting finale to the jubilee held yesterday by the Federate clubs was the grand reception last evening at “Rose Cottage” the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. James Boyce. The extensive lawn was a picture in electrical effects and in the house the rooms were most beautifully decorated.

Over two hundred guests were received by Miss Mabel Hagadorn and Mesdames Boyce, Nettie Latham, Will Meeker, C.A. Cropper, George A. Ball, J. R. Beatty, Milton Long, W. R. Moore, W.L. Holmes, James Bingham, L.M. Neely, A. J. Phinney, M. Louise Cassady, Carrie mcCulloch, J. R. Marsh, O. J. Lotz, T. F. Rose, C.A. Kitts and A. C. Stouder.

The evening was delightfully spent in social conversation and music. The latter was contributed by the Orpheus club, Mrs. Latham, Miss Mae Thomas, Mrs. E.L. Potter and Burt Case. During the evening ices were served by Misses Len and Janet Turner, Louise Phinney, Charlotte Bishop, Ethel Davis, Martha Janney, Florence Gregory, Ashley Hemingray, Florence Ream, Hazel Cromwell, Mamie Johnson and Hudie Smith.


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