The Boys Want More, strike at Hemingray


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Strike at the Hemingray Glass Works This Morning.


And Talked to the Boys in Such a Manner That The Agreed to Leave the Factory Premises and Cause No Trouble.

There was trouble at the Hemingray glass factory in Industry this morning but it was soon quelled by Patrolman George Ball, whose words and advice proved more effective than a whole battalion of brave soldiers.

The boys employed at the works went out on a strike this morning. About thirty of them, large and small decided to strike and strike they did. They were receiving for their work, so it is understood, 60 cents a day and they struck for more. They left the factory and congregated near it. It was feared that the strikers might accomplish damage and intimidate other boys from going to work, consequently Patrolman George Ball was called.

The well known officer made his appearance at the factory and the boys scattered in short order. Ball called them to him and made a little speech. He told them that they must not hang around the factory in an endeavor to settle the trouble. The boys took Ballís advice and in a few minutes all was quiet.


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