A Cyclone for Muncie, Hemingray's glassworks damaged by storm


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States
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Hemingray's Glass Works

Damaged by Heavy Wind.


Was the Path of the Cyclone and it Tore Off Portions of the Roof Covering the Hemingray Glass Works - A Board Blown Through a Small Building.


This morning a miniature cyclone struck the Hemingray glassworks in the suburb of Industry and accomplished several hundred dollars worth of damage. No other buildings in the vicinity with the exception of the glass factory of C. H. Over & Co., were damaged. The damage to the latter is slight.

The cyclone was accompanied by rain, thunder and lightning and was witnessed by Wm. Morgan a young glass worker who lives in Industry. About 5 o'clock he arose and noticed two black turbulent clouds meet. Like a flash the clouds moved toward the Hemingray works, swirling and boiling in an angry manner.

The cyclone first struck, the ventilator on the flint house and ripped off about forty feet of it. Then the cyclone lowered and relieved tho stock building of part of the roof and tore down the blacksmith shop. Continuing east it struck the top ot the building in which the tank furnace is located. About fifty feet of the roof of this building was taken off and blown three hundred yards east of the factory.

Just east ot the tank furnace building stands an oil shed. Into the side of this shed the wind blew a large board which stands in an almost perpendicular position. The path of the cyclone was not over fifty feet wide. The wind blew from the west.

This morning Ralph Hemingray took a HERALD man through the factory and pointed out the damage accomplished. "The cyclone was a small one but it was a hummer" said he. "It acted in a very peculiar manner but got in its work just the same."


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