New Foot Ball Team, Con Hemingray listed as right half back


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Kirk Brothers Will be Managers With Billy Boyle as Coacher.


Muncie has a new foot ball team. Kirk Brothers will be managers and Billy Boyle will coach the team. The team is open for all challenges. The members and their positions are as follows:

Milt Ream full back.

Con Hemingray left half back.

Chas. Gill right half back.

F. Stratelmayer quarter back.

Harry Matten left tackle.

Clevenger left guard.

John Banta left end.

Robt. Scott right tackle and captain.

Harry Hartley right guard.

Will Haymond right end.

Jamie Hickman center rush.

Substitutes Albert Lewellen, Roscoe Koerner and Cecil Kearstead.


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