The Ball Reception, Mr. & Mrs. George Ball entertain, Mrs. Daniel Hemingray attended


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Riverside Will Be the Scene of a Delightful Occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. William Ball Will Be Introduced - Mrs. Arthur Meeks and Miss Gray Entertain at Euchre-Numerous Events in Honor of St. Valentine Day.

The beautiful suburban home of Mr. and Mrs. George Alexander Ball on Riverside will be the scene tonight of one of the most elaborate social functions of the season. The event is for the purpose of introducing Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam Ball who lately became residents of the magic city.

Mrs. Arthur Mees and Miss Josephine Gray entertained at euchre yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Meeks on east Washington street. The favors were presented to Mrs. Daniel Hemingray of Covington, Ky., Mrs. Perry S. Heath and Ms. S. C. Cowan.


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