Wholesale Robbery, Robert Hemingray one of many victims of robbery


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Three Burglars Get Away with Many Valuables


And Two Attempts Between Midnight and Daybreak - Lee Corbley, Will Meeker, Robert Hemingray, Henry Baker and Burt H. Whitely the Victims - Two Suspects Captured.

A gang of burglars between midnight and daybreak this morning robbed three residences and entered two more. The "swag" they secured will amount to fully $1,000. After the first attempt was reported at the central station the night force went to work with the determination to catch the robbers and recover the stolen property. They did not stop when the day men came on duty but joined forces with them and have been working all day. The result is the arrest of several men and the finding of a portion of the "swag".


Occurred just after midnight at the home of Lee Crobley, 1619 East Jackson street. There were three men and they entered the house by means of a rear window. A silver watch, a lady's cape, a pair of spectacles and about .50 in money was secured. Then the burglars entered the home of councilman Will Meeker a few doors west of Mr. Corbley's home. They entered the parlor through a front window. Mr. Meeker heard a noise and rushing down stairs scared the men away. The next place visited was Robert Hemingray's residence on east Main street. They had opened a front window but hearing Mr. Hemingray inside, did not go in.


At which this trio of bold, bad men resumed operations was at the home of Henry Baker on North Plum street. Entering through a front window they took three watches, a pair of shoes, three lady's wraps and about in change. Mr. Baker was awakened and ran down stairs just as the burglars left the house. Thrusting his head out the window Mr. Baker called to them and was told to pull his head in and mind his own

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cell were arrested this morning on suspicion by Patrolmen Ball and Turner. A pair of spectacles found on the person of Jervis were identified by the Corbleys, as the pair stole from their house. Jervis says he purchased them from a stranger but he and his partner will be held for further developments.


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