Efficient Work, C.H. Over burns, Hemingray employees help fight fire


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


By Employes [sic] Employees and Firemen Saves the Overs Glass Factory

A monster conflagration was narrowly averted in the suburb of industry last evening. The large window glass factory owned by C. H. Over & Co., was threatened for a time wi h [sic] with total destruction but the danger was warded off by the efficient work of glass men and Chief Shepp's little band of fire fighters who saved the main portion of the industry. The north cutting and packing room and a portion of the building covering the flattenidg [sic] flattening ovens were burned. There was a quantity of glass in the cutting and packing room and the total loss will reach $1,200 fully covered by insurance. Work will be resumed at the factory by Monday morning. At 6:30 o'clock fire in a stove in the cutting room ignited one of the partitions separating the cutters and spread with great rapidity. Night watchman George Vincent discovered the flames and ran through the factory crying fire at the top of his voice. The blowers, gatherers and other laborers ran to the home houses and soon had water pouring on the fire. Employes [sic] Employees of the Hemmgray [sic] Hemingray and Ball Bros Glass co's laid lines of hose to the factory and assisted their brothers in checking the red demon. A district messenger box in Tom Shannahan's saloon near by was used to send in an alarm to the city department. Mr. Stainbrook of the messenger company received the alarm at the central office and promptly transmitted it to Chief Shepp who went out with Twos hose company. Upon reaching the factory he sent a call for One's hose wagon and "Rock," the new horse driven with "Killie" made his first run a distance of fully two miles, in excellent shape. Five streams of water were turned on the fire and it was soon extinguished. This morning Mr. Lewis Over stated that new cutting tables had been ordered by telegraph and that the factory would be placed in operation at midnight Sunday. The loss sustained by the company is covered by insurance.


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