Over a Thousand, receipts of free kindergarten benefit, Hemingray Glassworks listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Correct Receipts From the Free Kindergarten Benefit.

Mrs. T. F. Hart Presents Her Final Report Today With a Card of Thanks - Mrs. Hart is a Noble Woman and Deserves Praise.

The Free Kindergarten Association cleared $154.28 from its benefit which is sufficient to operate the school during the coming winter. A full report of receipts and disbursements was made by Mrs. T.F. Hart this morning and demonstrates the fact that the benefit was a monster success and that no one deserves more thanks than Mrs. Hart and her husband as they labored incessantly.


It is with a grateful heart to the citizens of Muncie that I present to them the following report:

Gratitude for the generous response they made to my appeal in behalf of the little ones; for the hearty support and encouragement given me to consummate the plans which I outlined to raise money for the free kindergarten schools. I had hoped in the beginning to interest a few of our people in this cause, but the great number of persons who participated in the parades and patronized the entertainment far exceeded my expectations.

I wish to thank Messrs. Kirk and Wachtell for their efforts which made the bicycle parade the success it was; the Citizens street Railway company for their illuminated car, which was pronounced by all "a thing of beauty." To all who participated in the bicycle parade, especially the ladies, who added greatly to its attractiveness.

The citizens' parade was pronounced by all to be a success, both in regard to the great number in line, and the excellent order maintained by the marshals and officers of the different divisions. I extend my heartiest thanks to all benevolent and charitable orders; to the Indiana, Eagle, Kirk's and Martial bands; to the merchants and manufacturers for their fine displays, and to all citizens for their presence on this occasion; to the ladies and gentlemen who worked so industriously for the success of the entertainment at the park; to Mr. George F. McCullough for his very liberal and generous treatment; to those persons who made donations; to the executive committee for their efficient work; and last, but not least, to the Muncie press do I owe my most sincere thanks. The Times, Herald and News greatly assisted us by their many articles and by keeping the cause so constantly before the public. May their subscribers be as numerous as the "sands of the sea".

The Kindergarten benefit is a thing of the past but the good results arising from it will cover many years. Could we look adown the avenues of time and see the many homes benefited, the many little hearts made nobler and better, the harvest of noble men and women resulting from this benefit, ah, it were indeed but a little thing, this week of work re-

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Were it possible to train the youth of our country in the right channel during the first tender years of their life the prisons and almshouses would be but unhappy memories; houses of correction and prostitution would fade away into the shadowy past. Parents themselves are not fully awakened to the great importance of early training, nor the awful responsibility of making good impressions on their children's hearts before the "evil days come nigh," but all educators are awakened to the fact that the good results in after years are due to the early impressions, which are the most important.

It is with great pleasure that I am able, through the generosity of our citizens, to hand over to the treasurer of the Free Kindergarten Association the grand total of $154.23 with an itemized list of receipts and expenditures attached. May we all be able to see the great good resulting from this money. Every citizen who contributed in any way can have the happy assurance that they have been instrumental in raising to a higher standard the morality of our city.

"Cast they bread upon the waters and thou shalt find it after many days."

Greatefully yours,

Mrs. T.F. Hart.



Mesdames Morgan & Hart , donations, s.t.. 203.00

Miss Kate Garst, 1st ward, sales tickets.. 43.85

Mrs. G. Lenon, 2d ward, sale tickets..    61.35

Mrs. Kingsbury, 3d ward, sale tickets.. .    16.75

Mrs. Hageman, 4th ward, sale tickets......   23.55

Mrs. McFadden, 5th ward, sale tickets....    4.70

Mrs. C. Galligher, 6th ward, sale tickets...    5.10

Miss McClellan, Riverside, sale tickets....    21.20

Mrs. Gregory, donations, sale tickets...       19.70

Pulp Mill donation...........     00

T.F. Hart, sale of tickets at park..... 29.60

A.L. Johnson, sale of tickets at park...    36.15

Mr. Cobb, sale of tickets at park......   40.45

Clint Mitchell, ticket..........    .35

Klein's jewelry store, ticket sales.....      9.80

Cash at park gates...........   1.65

Toy balloon receipts..........   .45

Hand organ............... 2.86

Chief, Chas. Baldwin tickets.......... 1.05

Miss Maring............. 1.40

Geo. Koerner, donation.......... 1.00

Midland Steel plant, ticket sales..... 113.40

Pulp mill, ticket sales...........    8.75

Indiana Iron works, ticket sales......   77.70

Milton Gray, ticket sales.........   4.35

Silver works, ticket sales........ 10.50

Port Glass works, ticket sales......   17.50

C.H. Over, ticket sales......... 50.00

Hemingray Glass works, ticket sales.......... 35.00

J.H. Smith, ticket sales......... 14.00

Consumers Paper Co., ticket sales....     7.00

Maring, Hart & Co., ticket sales....... 34.55

Ball Bros., tickets sales.........131.95

R.M. Ball, sale tickets........... 10.50

Muncie Casket Co., ticket sales......   10.50

Architectural Iron works, ticket sales....    10.50

Muncie Glass Co., ticket sales......   42.00

Indiana Bridge works, ticket sales.....     35.00

Muncie Wheel Co., ticket sales.......    10.50

Handle Works, sales tickets.......     7.00

Rev. Wm. Schmidt donation.......    5.00


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