The Big Show, programme for free kindergarten, Ashley Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Programme for the Monster Free Kindegarten Benefit.

"The Streets of New York" at Westide Park Tomorrow under the Supervision of the Noted Actor, Mr. Charles Murray.

The monster Free Kindegarten Benefit at Westside park tomorrow afternoon and evening will be one of the grandest affairs of the season. Two performances of the "Streets of New York" will be given under the personal supervision of Charles Murray of Murray and Mack's "Finnegan's Courtship" company.

Following is the Programme:

Part First - Living pictures under the direction of Miss Goddard.

Part Second - Streets of New York by daylight. Grand street parade of all nations showing the customs and characteristics of the people of America's greatest city.

Gala day and picnic of Timothy Sullivan's chowder party. Band enroute to pier 29 East River.

Second - Bargain day at Macy's. Society ladies out en masse escorted by New York's swell chappies.

Third - The blind girl's song, Miss Heath. The apple women enroute to Fulter market.

Fourth - The newsboys with extras of the New York Herald, World, Journal and Times.

Fifth - The nurses outing in Central park where the big bobbies pass their time.

Sixth- The Elks drill corps out for practice.

Seventh - All classes "On the Bowery."   Here every type known can be seen day and night seeing the sights of the museum on this famous street. Dance, Emily Howe.

Eighth - The flower girl's song, Miss Kirby.

Ninth - The organ grinders' quarrel and the policeman said, "move on."

Tenth - "Coney Island" where you meet the usual crowd of fakirs, sausage and tamale men, side show freaks, dancers, bunco steerers, new women, bathers toy balloon men, and every character described in New York's greatest papers."


New Yorks swell society ladies - Misses McNaughton, Maud Neely, Emily Olcott, Marion Case, Fannie Turner, Mrs. Herbert Maddy, Mrs. Highlands, Mrs. Fred Heath.


Messrs. Robert Walker, Fred Swain, Norwood Carnes, Arthur Cassidy, Fred Hurstmier.


Misses Emma Case and Ada Cammack.


Bob Murray, Jesse Winters, Patsy Sheehan.


Misses Ethel Dowell, Erna Eiler, Ashley Hemingray, Flossie Gregory.


Emma Morris, Mary Meyers, Nellie Meyers, Miss Stevens Archie Kilgore, Laura Ault, Mary Petty, Myrtle Clifford, Nellie Ault, Messrs. Frank Nickey, John Eskew, Martin, Fred Jewett, Metz, McClellan, Edgar Williams


New York Banker - Geo. O. Cromwell.

Fakir - J.S. Marsh.

Jewelry vendor - Armsted Klien

Toy peddler - Ben Hamilton.

Business man - Frank Nickey.

Farmer - Bob Williams.

Shopper - Mrs. J.R. Williams.

Hot Tamale man - Tom Ryan.

Chinaman - Ed Hamilton.

Irish woman - Mrs. Hermann.

Italian organ man - Wall Carey.

Policemen - Eli Hoover, J. Jones, Burt Bradbury.

Gypsy maiden and Anna Held - Mrs. J. Weille.

Umbrell mender - L. Hermann.

Scissors grinder - Dr. Kemper.

Yellow kids - Frank Gass, Barney Lamb, Red Murray.

Sausage man - Chas. Prutzman.

Tambourine girl - Baby Murray.

The coming women - Mrs. Herrman, Miss Sue Adams.

Gambler - Arthur Case.

Elastic woman - Rob Williams.

Living skeleton - Mrs. Herrman.

Fat Woman -   ----------

Baker - Rhine Hummel.

Boat black - Ora Bush.

Mail carrier - ------------

Samanthy Allen - Mrs. T. Hart.

Flower girl - Sara Kirby.

Toy Balloon man - Major Wildman.

Street dancer - Emily Howe.

Blind girl - May Heath.

Begger girl - Della Ault.

The whole to conclude with a mixed concert composed of French, German, Rish and English melodies.

Director of Music - Miss Love.

German choral society, "Wacht am Rhein" - Prof. Damm, director.

St. Patrick's Day - Miss Maggie Shea.

French Colony - Marseillaise Hymn - Prof Arthur Houspiere, director.

"Happy Days," Strelezki - Mrs. James Weille.

Jubilee singers in Plantation melodies - Geo. Hundle, director.

"Without Thee" - Miss Marie Houze.

America - Seventy five voices assisted by the Indiana band.

Good Night.


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