A Delicious Supper, Eleven Club members give picnic, Rob Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


And An Evening at the Circus Enjoyed Yesterday.

The young ladies of the Eleven club gave a very enjoyable picnic supper last evening at the home of Miss Cora Emerson on East Jackson street. The gentlemen were invited and enjoyed a very delicious and appetizing repast. In the evening everybody went to La Pearl's circus and merriment reigned supreme. The ladies and gentlemen who were present: Misses Goulding of Wooster, Mass Houston, of Paris, ILL., Marion Reed of Chicago, Edith Kirby, Maude Neely, Cora Emerson, Florence McNaughton, Hattie Johnson, Fannie Turner, Emily Olcott, Louise Anthony, Bessie Ellis and Messrs. Elliott Wilson, J. Ed Johnson, Arthur Cassady, Walter Baker, Frank Gass, Walter McNaughton, Rob Hemingray, Robert Walker, Ed Darke, John McNaughton, Will Myers, Norwood Carnes and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Maddy.


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