Services Appreciated, free kindergarten association presents gifts, Mrs. Robert Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murray Receive Presents From the Kindergarten Association.

Saturday evening the Free Kindergarten Association through Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Hart, Mrs. H. M. Winans, Mrs. R. S. Gregory, Mrs. Robert Hemingray and George O. Cromwell presented Chas. Murray with a traveling grip and Mrs. Murray a sterling silver toilet set. Mr. and Mrs. Murray devoted considerable time to make the benefit show the success it proved to be and the presents were tokens of appreciation. Mr. Murray in returning thanks wittily remarked: "I don't know much about accepting this as I never had the grip but as the Free Kindergarten seems to have a grip on the charitable people of the city I will accept the grip and g (o) ripping through the country with a firm grip on the grip to keep people from stealing the grip as it will prove very useful for the usefulness-ness-ness-ness. Mr. Mack, Mr. Murray's partner will arrive tomorrow and nest week will begin a tour of the Hopkins circuit, opening either at Cincinnati or Pittsburg and the grip will go with them.


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