Going East, Glassworkers leave for summer shut down, Hemingray will be operated


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Are Many Well Known Glass and Steel Workers.

The General Shut-down Last Night Has a Tendency to Depopulate the Magic City to a Certain Extent - General News Today is a quiet one among the factories. The whistles did not announce the arrival of the working hour, and hundreds of employes [sic] employees who have hastened at their summons turned their attention elsewhere today.   Few workmen doing repair work can be seen about the huge furnaces and machinery which will be completely overhauled and put in good condition for working within the next three weeks.

Today marks the first of the glass worker vacation, and many of them were seen on the streets this morning discussing as to rates to various cities, the probable adjustment of the wage scale, etc. At midnight last night the last crews in the glass houses finished their work with light hearts, as this has been an extensive and profitable fire to them. The trains out of the city today were completely filled especially the eastbound, with employes [sic] employees of the glass factories, many accompanied by their families, who will spend several weeks with relatives or at their old homes in the east. A large number of French people will visit their native land.

Ball Bros.' Extensive factories closed down last midnight for a few weeks, as did C. H. Over's, where extensive improvements and repairs will be made during the time the factory is idle. Hemingray's factory will be operated for some time at least. Maring & Hart's factory closed at midnight, and it is not definitely known when operations will be resumed.

The closing of the window glass houses did not bring any satisfaction in reference to the gatherers and blowers and cuttings and flatteners, which factions have not the least feeling for one another that could be secured, owing to a probable increase in the wages of the former. A special meeting has been called and will be held in Cleveland, however, and as to the outcome no on has even ventured an opinion. This fact renders it difficult to determine when operations will be resumed.

The iron and steel workers closed their season's work with every mark of satisfaction, and no difficulty is anticipated in reference to the scale being signed. The last shift of men at the Midland finished their work last night and today the employes [sic] employees are scattered over the country, many taking their departure for the east last night. The employes [sic] employees of the Indiana, or at last a large number of them, were in hot water, so to speak,

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