Rob and Bob Hemingray listed in bicycle races


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


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men to hold two of the bicycle races over until 1:30p.m.

Tuesday: - 1:30pm - 2:35pm class trot, purse $200.

Free for all pace, purse $200.

County green mixed race, owners drive, purse $100.

Entries in the hose races are comings [sic] coming in rapidly and some exciting contests will result.

The bicycle races, under the supervision of Kirk brothers and C.S. Wachtell & Son will be the best ever held in Muncie. The one mile professional will be the best. Among the entries received up to noon today for the races, are O.F. Sprange of Elwood, Tom David of Indianapolis and Clark Brown of Butler.

The entries in the other races at noon were as follows: One mile novice - Rob Hemingray, A.G. Falaski, C.A. Elliott, Earl Tuhey, E.D. Falkner. One half mile boys' race - Ulrick Hurrle, Bob Scott, John Banta Jr., Frank Shirk, C.A. Elliott, Earl Tuhey, Ed Falkner, Bane Falkner. One mile handicap - John John Jones, Frank Snell, Sherman Lamar, A.G. Falaska [sic] Falaski, Will Boyle, C.A. Elliott, C.E. Willis. Two mile handicap - John Jones, Frank Snell, Sherman Lamar, A.G. Falaski, Gwillym Jones, Bob Hemingray, "Red" Murray, C.A. Elliott, Sam Stucky, Al Frazier.

E.W. Kirk made the following selection this morning:

Judges - Robert Winters, C.S. Wachtell and Herbert Maddy.

Time Keepers - Goley Williamson and Victor Silverburg.

Starter - Will Whitely.

Handicapper - W.J. Hunter of Indianapolis.

Announcer - Edward Hamilton.


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