Several Races, Bob Hemingray took fifth place in bicycle race


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 12, no. 99, p. 1, col. 3


Given Today That Were Not Published in

the Herald Yestereay [sic] Yesterday.

The HERALD, yesterday, gave the result of all the races, both bicycle and horse, that occurred up until two o'clock. Two more bicycle races followed. The two mile handicap was won by Sherman Lamar, a 40 yards man. Gwyllim Jones at 100 took second place. Sam Stucky, at the scratch, third; John Jones, 60 yards, fourth; Bob Hemingray, 200 yards, fifth; "Red" Murray, 240 yards, sixth; Al Frazier, scratch, seventh. Time 5:42 . The one mile professional was captured in 2:23 by Tom David, of Indianapolis; Ben Lukens, of Anderson, second; Clark Brown of Butler, third and O F. Sprong, of Elwood, fourth.

Henry Hopping started the horse races and did well. The 2:27 trot was easily won in straight heats by Nutwood Maid, owned by John K. Shull of Princeton. Orphan Girl secured second money and Messala and Maggie Anderson divided third and fourth. The best time was 2:30.

In the 2:35 pace Lizzie S. won with speed to spare.   Alameda Girl took second money, Kittie G. third and Mark B. Fourth.

Fall City had a walk away of the half mile run and repeat. Sunrising took second and Butcher Boy third. After the first heat Dr. Mack pulled up very lame and was not started again.


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