Miner's Relief Fund, Hemingray Glass Company contributed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States

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..their camp without bread to keep the wolf of starvation from their door. Just look at the picture of dejection upon the wife's brow; listen at the pitiful wails for bread of those dear little ones who have not had two good meals a week for months. Then if you want to see abject distress just look that husband and father in the face as he goes treading home from the commissary with only 8 cents worth of provisions. That is the amount the committee at Brazil will have to give him this week. They have been able to distribute 10 to 15 cents worth per week but they can't do it this week. One word more. The question has been asked what kind of people are they? If you will station yourself on one of our busy streets and look a the first 500 people that pass you you will see just an average of any 500 miners. Now let us of the Magic city come forward with liberal donation and do it quickly for he that giveth quick giveth well.

Yours for love of humanity,

NAT U. Ringo.

The solicitors who were out yesterday secured $126 for the miners's relief fund, making a total of $361. The following persons donated:

Gregory, Silverburg & Lotz, $15; Meeks Bros. $20; Muncie Wheel works, $10; Ball Bros., $10; A.. Johnson, $10; J.A. Goddard, $10; R.M. Ball, $5; Fred Heath, $5; Hemingray Glass Co., $5; C.H. Over, $5; Peter Murphy, $5; Gill Bros, $5; J. Heinsohn, $5; W.L. Little, $5; Chas. Willard, $5; J.M. Maring, $5; Chas. Winters, $1.


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