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Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


A Musical Sociable Given Yesterday by Mrs. C.G. Neely.

Mrs. O.G. Neely of East Washington street gave a sociable yesterday afternoon for the Presbyterian church. It was one of the most enjoyable events of the season and the Neely home was crowded with ladies who were served with punch and wafers and treated to a programme [sic] program presented by the most popular artists in the city. The decorations of flowers were from the hot houses of Mr. Carnes, the South Walnut street florist. Mrs. Carnes made the donation.

The principal feature of the programme [sic] program was violin playing by Professor Christian Oelschlagel of Hoff near Leipsic, Germany. The professor is in Muncie to reside and the numbers he presented yesterday called forth numerous compliments from the listeners who will do all in their power to make his residence in the city a profitable and happy one. He is a finished musician, one who makes a violin fairly talk, laugh or sob. His touch is delicate and the music he brings out holds an audience spellbound. The professor was accompanied on the piano by Miss Nadine Wilson and his numbers were “Legende” by Bohm, “Mazurka” by Wiemasioki and “Maiden Lang” by Musin.

The other portions of the programme [sic] program by Muncie artists were delightful and entertaining. Mrs. E.S.L. Thompson, the well known poetess and writer gave a reading on mammoth sleeves that caused a ripple of laughter and many a vow on the sleeve question was made. Miss Louis Phinney received an encore to her whistling solo “The Mocking Bird” and quite an ovation was given Miss Helen Hickman who spent last year at the New England conservatory of music. She is a violinist of rare ability. Miss Helen Smith in a captivating manner sang “Heigh Baby Ho Baby” and was followed by Miss May Heath and Miss Clara Koons, both talented vocalists. Their duet was “L’Addio” by Nicolai. Miss Heath also sang “I Love You” and was warmly applauded.

Mrs. Neely was assisted during the afternoon by Miss Carrol Hemingray, Miss Kate Maddy and Mrs. Herbert Maddy.


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