Society Gossip, Party given, Mrs. Robert Hemingray and Llewellyn Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Mrs. Edward Tyler of West Howard street gave a euchre yesterday afternoon that was very enjoyable. Palms and chrysanthemums were used in the decorations. Mrs. Tyler was assisted by Mrs. West and during the afternoon the playing was spirited. Mrs. Dages was awarded the favor, a beautiful hand painted china bon-bon box. Refreshments in three courses were daintily served. The guests, Mesdames J. Edgar Johnson, C. H. Anthony, C.A. Spilker, T. K. Heinsohn, Ed Klein, Armstead, Klein, Henry Klein, Wm. Gill, D. P. Campbell, J. E. Durham, Geo. O. Cromwell, Dages, S. C. Goshorn, C. N. Wilcoxin, Robt. Hemingray, Geo. F. McCulloch, Herbert Maddy, Will Patterson, T. F. Rose, Edward Haffner, C. G. Neely, Lone Franklin, H. M. Winans, Homer Highlands, Burt Bradbury, D. A. McLain and Miss Gill, Miss Lewellan Hemingray and Miss Sarah Heinsohn.


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