Associated Charities, Hemingray Glass Company made donation


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Regular Monthly Meeting of Executive

Board Held Yesterday Afternoon.


The meeting of the executive board of the Associated Charties proved to be highly interesting. Many interesting reports were made and a large number of plans discussed for the improvement of of the association. Three committees were appointed to wait on the merchants of the city and see if they would not donate groceries, clothing and shoes. A committee of three was also appointed to call upon the city officials and see if employment could not be furnished to all those who asked for it.

A report was read by the stewardees which proved highly interesting. It showed the work that had been accomplished by the association in December. The association is now helping 135 persons who are unable to help themselves or can not find work to do. The financial condition of the association is much better than it has been at any time this winter.

The donations received during the past week are: A. L. Johnson $100, Hemingray Glass Co. $10, High Street M. E. church $25 in cash and $10 worth of food, First Presbyterian church $8 in provisions, C. M. Kimbrough $5 in provisions, 275 pieces of clothing slightly worn and Saturday 124 pieces of gents shop worn clothing was received but the donators name coudl not be learned.


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