News of Spanish American War, Bob Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


Carl Vicker Writes Interestingly of Life in the Army.

Muncie Boys Scattered Almost All Over the World – Boys at Tampa Suffer From the Heat – News From the Front.

A letter from Carl, of Tampa, son of Patrolman William Vickery to his father in part is as follows. Besides myself, there are several other Muncie boys who are members of the Fifth Calvary viz, Roy Harrington, Bob Hemingray, Homer Dowell and a young man named Edwards. We are receiving most excellent treatment and are having a good time and would hugely enjoy ourselves were it not for the intense heat. The thermometer has been registering at the 108 mark and has went up ten degrees higher several times. The reflection of this heat from the white sand, makes one imagine that the thermometer is up to 150. We have good rations, being liberally supplied with rice, coffee, beef and canned goods. We have all of the substantial food we want and our only objection is the intense heat. All the boys are anxious to get away from Tampa. The majority want to go to Porto Rico, but it is not known when we will get away from here or where we will go when we do leave. There are 1100 cavalrymen here and when they are all mounted and out on dress parade, the site can better be imagined than described. But few of the men are sick however, quinine is given for almost all ailments and strange to say, invariably has a good effect. We are in amongst a great number of Germans and we Muncie boys “click” together and when not busy have a good time together. We have heard several times that we were to move soon but I am not able to stated anything definite concerning our future, other than the boys would like to “get to work” and get out of this hot place. There is a good sea breeze, but ere it is wafted over the hot sands to us, it has been transformed into such an intense heat that instead of enjoying it, we are anxious to avoid it, as it is not unlike the hot waves of heat from a furnace. The Muncie boys have scattered hither and yon, some being in Porto Rico, some in Cuba, while others are on the western coast, not succeeding in leaving California and many are at Manila. Many of them made several changes in order to go to Cuba, and Manila, but as we have a good place where we are, will remain here.

A report from Washington yesterday to the effect that the Fifth Cavalry would change quarters and remain in Florida until October 1st, was sent out.


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