Hemingray installs produce gas equipment


Publication: The Muncie Morning Star

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 5, col. 3-4


They Will Manufacture Producer Gas.

Ball Brothers and Others Will Do The Same.

Two of Muncie's largest manufacturing concerns are preparing to equip their plants with furnaces for the manufacture of producer gas. The Hemingray Glass Company has contracted for the construction of a tank and gas producer, which will exceed in capacity the natural gas tank now in use. It will be built just east of the present continuous tank, and will be kept in reserve until such a time as the supply of natural gas in this plant shall have failed.

J. O. Janson, a representative of a company which builds gas producer tanks, is in the city preparing to construct the furnace for the Hemingray Glass Company. The method used is one of the largest triumphs of the producer gas trade, and is said to be both economical and effective. Some time ago there was talk of the removal of the Hemingray plant from Muncie. This action would seed to dispel all doubts as to their permanency.

Ball Brothers were interviewed by a Star representative Tuesday. They said they were preparing to introduce a system of producer gas tanks in their factory for use when the supply of natural gas should become inadequate. They were not prepared to say how many furnaces would be equipped. The question being left to future experiments.

Mr. Janson, who will construct the Hemingray tank, is now figuring with Ball Brothers, and it is not improbable that the same system will be introduced in their factory. Mr. Ball could not say at the time what kind of coal would be used in the manufacture of the gas, but he thinks Indiana coal would have the preference. This, too, is a matter which will be decided upon by actual tests.

It is certain that the two factories named will continue in operation irrespective of the natural gas supply. It means much for the city, and it is learned that the same system is being considered in at least another glass factory and an iron mill.

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