Society, Smith's Entertain, Ashley and Conway Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


The Smith residence in Riverside was the scene of a very delightful occasion last night when Miss Marie entertained a company of friends in honor of her guest Miss Bertha Kempt of Dayton, Ohio. The hospitality of Miss Smith rendered the visit of the guests one of rare pleasure and it was a late hour when the merry crowd dispersed. The assemblage of young people consisted of the following: Misses Gertrude Clark, Florence Gregory, Rena Harris, Ashleigh Hemingray, Louise Phinney, Lottie Shaw, Zenobia Stewart, Helen Smith, Mary Willard, Charline Wood, Messrs Culbertson, Ralph and Norwood Bard, Charles Cromwell, Myon Gray, Conway Hemingray, Harry Hartley, Mr. Anthony, John McMillan, Paul Miller, James Orr, Roy Naftzger, Harry Sparks, Loring Tyner and Mr. Swain.


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