About Muncie Glass, Hemingray will be installing a continuous tank


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States

About Muncie Glass.


The Hemingray Glass Co., of Muncie, Ind., propose to soon substitute a continuous tank for one of their day tanks in their insulator department.

The Muncie Glass Co., are erecting a 12 pot continuous flint tank. On its completion the company will be the second largest flint bottle concern of the west.

Samuel J. Fleming has returned to Muncie after a profitable summer at Alantic City.

There is a rumor in Muncie, Ind., that Ball Bros., will build another large continuous tank for fruit jars.

Ball Bros., will put in another tank next week at Muncie, Ind., manned by flints with the machines. Commoner and Glassworker.


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