Daniel Carroll Hemingray

Tribute Paid by a Friend


Publication: The Muncie Morning Star

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 35, no. 234, p. 11, col. 6


To Memory of Dan C. Hemingray

Is Rendered.


George O'Neil, James Risher, and Frank Miller have returned from Cincinnati where they attended the funeral of Dan C. Hemingray, the glass manufacturer who was so well known here because of his ownership, with his brother Ralph, or the Hemingray glass factory. Mr. Hemingray was a member of Muncie lodge of Elks, which gave a beautiful floral tribute and also sent representatives to the funeral. The funeral was one of the most largely attended of any held in that city, many coming form various cities and states to attend it, several being from Muncie. A friend of Mr. Hemingray in a communication to the Star says: "Mr. Hemingray, by his genial disposition and great charity had endeared himself to people in all walks of life, and his funeral was attended by many distinguished people from several states, and mingled with them were also men and women of humble positions, who could truthfully say of this man, "He was my friend." One who had known the Hemingray family for years said: "Wherever the Hemingray brothers and sisters went, there was always sunshine, for they were possessed of such happy dispositions, and were always optimistic, and extremely charitable toward others, and there was always a crowd gathered around to enjoy the sunny atmosphere of their presence."

"Twenty-four years ago, Dan Hemingray with his brothers established their factory in this city, and, as he was the member of the company who attended to their outside interests, he was largely the means of advertising Muncie's advantages through numerous states, and indirectly induced others to locate here, thus being instrumental in adding several manufacturing industries to the little city which was then beginning to expand. He retained his interest in the Hemingray glass company, which is one of Muncie's substantial industries, until his death. Mr. Hemingray was extremely charitable to those less fortunate than himself, and numerous acts of kindness and many gifts were bestowed upon those in need, of which the world at large knew nothing. He seemingly was satisfied in knowing he had done what he could in an unostentatious way. He was loved best by those who knew him best, and his going will leave a void in the hearts of his numerous friends."

"What the world needs greatly is men who can smile under difficulties; be optimistic under lowering clouds; and say the kindly word always to their fellowman. Such a man was Daniel Hemingray. For the kind words that he scattered; for the charities he extended; for the geniality he diffused which permeated the hearts of others, may our Divine Father abundantly reward him!"

"His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him, that nature might stand up and say to all the world: "This was a man!' "

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