Miller Machine installs jar machine at Bloom Jar Company

[Trade Journal]

Publication: National Glass Budget

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 32, no. 33, p. 5, col. 2

Machines Installed and Ordered.


The demand for machines turned out at the Swissvale, Pa., factory of William J. Miller continues without interruption, and at present the Miller establishment is working to capacity on orders. Machines recently installed include two automatic cut-off devices, applicable to marble manufacture, at the factory of the Akro Agate Co., Clarksburg, W. Va.; a model "G" machine for making iron mould shades at the factory of the Wellington Glass Co., Cumberland, Md.; also a model "G" at the plant of the Eagle Glass & Mfg. Co., Wellsburg, W. Va., applicable to the manufacture of iron mould shades. A model "F" machine for the manufacture of wide mouth bottles has just been set up in the factory of the North Wheeling Glass Co., Wheeling, W. Va. These firms have just entered orders for Miller machines: Bartlett-Collins Glass Co., Sapulpa, Okla., a model "H" attachment for a Teeple machine, to make pressed novelties; The Illinois-Pacific Glass Co., San Francisco, a model "J" attachment for the production of miscellaneous lines of wide mouth bottles; A. H. Kerr & Co., Sand Springs, Okla., a model "B" machine to be used in the manufacture of glass jar lids; The Bloom Glass Jar Co., Berkeley, Cal., a model "W" machine for the manufacture of a patented fruit jar lid; the Phoenix Glass Co., Monaca, Pa., 8-foot valves for paste mould dummy, and 4 hand valves for paste mould machines.


Keywords:California Glass Insulator Company : Bloom Jar Company
Researcher notes:The Bloom Jar Co. merged with the California Glass Insulator Co. in August of 1913.
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