Gilchrist Jar Company auction notice [ad]


Publication: The Elmer Times

Elmer, NJ, United States
vol. 15, no. 46, p. 7, col. 1

Gilchrist Jar Company



BY virtue of an order of the Court of Chancery of the State of New Jersey made on the fourteenth day of January, nineteen hundred and one, in a cause therein pending wherein the Cumberland Glass Company is complainant and Gilchrist Jar Company is defendant, I will offer for sale at Public Vendue, on


Wednesday, February 13, 1901.

At ten o'clock in the forenoon, on the premises at Elmer, Salem county, New Jersey, clear of all incumbrances, all that modern equipped glass manufacturing plant, fixtures, machinery, stock and personal property (either as an entirety or separately) shortly described as follows:

Consisting of about eight acres of land, with high board fence around the whole, being the factory plant property upon which are located the following buildings, to wit : Main factory building and connecting wings about 180 ft. long by 90 ft. wide. Machine shop and box shop combined about 27x65 ft. Ware shed 100x50 ft. Hay house 24x48 ft. Storehouse 30x48 ft. Office 16x24 ft. These buildings have all been erected since July 1896 and are in good repair. The main factory contains one forty ton tank furnace now containing about thirty tons of glass and can be made ready to start at once at small expense. There are two large lehrs in good condition, and three ovens. The factory is supplied with a complete outfit of machinery and tools, shafting, belting, 25 H. P. Boiler, 35 H. P. Engine, Sturdevant blower fitted with piping, air tank, hot water feed to boiler. Portable forge and blacksmith's tools and various appliances for convenient work.



Three Powers' jar blowing machines, two Ripley bottle blowing machines, one Rotary lid press, one stopper press and moulds, two small lid presses, 185 bottle moulds, lot battery jar moulds for use old style blowing, 6 forms for battery jar machine. Ripley moulds, machine chow chow moulds, lot Beechnut moulds, Gilchrist moulds, machine plungers, jar grinding machine, lot unused furnace stone, and general outfit of blow pipes, gaffers' tools and such other tools as are usually used in a well equipped glass factory.



The machine shop is equipped with expensive machinery, including one air compressor, fine large die press No. 3. Ferracute make; smaller die press size C. I., same make; threading machine, Carborundum lathe, metal trimming machine, grindstone mounted, shaping machine, lid polishing machine, one lathe 18 inch swing, and one lathe 13 inch swing, power drill press No. 1 lot tools for lathe, bits, drills, files, wrenches, two bench vices, shafting and pulleys, dies, set steel stencil cutters, lid nerling machine, etc.

The box shop contains shafting, belting and circular saw and other box making tools.



One 3500 pound safe, Remmington typewriter and stand, one Franklin typewriter, book-keepers' desks, roll top desk, office chairs, lamps, Wabash cabinet, bill file and other office fixtures including letter press.



At same time will be offered about two hundred tons of glass cullet, lot battery jars, round and square; about 35,000 round battery jars slightly below standard heighth, big lot boxes, lot jar lids, lot white liners for Gilchrist jars, 5 barrels Gilchrest wrenches, one ton scrap corrugated paper, 98 rolls straw paper, (about 9000 lbs.,) about 200 lime and soda bags, about 20 tons soft coal, 200 gross fruit jars without lids and many other odds and ends.

PRIVATE BIDS are also invited, as said Receiver is given the authority by said order of the Court of Chancery to sell at private sale at any time prior to said date said plant as an entirety, or any of said appliances, fixtures, machines or stock separately.

Shipping facilities excellent, tracks and sheds so arranged that several cars can be loaded at one time. All raw material arriving can be discharged where needed for use without cartage or re-handling. The plant is in condition for immediate operation.

A complete inventory and description of all the property will be mailed upon application.

This affords a rare opportunity to obtain a modern plant, in good condition, well located and containing many of the most modern improvements and in good order.

For any particulars address the undersigned.


Receiver of Gilchrist Jar Co.,

Elmer, N. J.


HORACE F. NIXON, Solicitor,

317 Market street,

Camden, N. J.

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