Court ordered sale of Novelty Glass Company [ad]


Publication: The Elmer Times

Elmer, NJ, United States
vol. 18, no. 43, p. 7, col. 3



BY virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, to me directed, issued out of the Court of Chancery of New Jersey, in the cause wherein The Cumberland Trust Company, of Bridgeton, Trustee, is complainant, and Novelty Glass Manufacturing Company is defendant, I will expose to sale at public vendue on


Saturday, January 23rd, 1904

at the hour of one o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the plant and works of the Novelty Glass Manufacturing Company, hereinafter described, in the village of Elmer, Salem County, New Jersey, all the following described property, to wit:

ALL those two certain tracts of land situate in the Township of Pittsgrove and partly in the Borough of Elmer, in the County of Salem and State of New Jersey, and bounded as follows:

NO. 1 BEGINNING at a stake driven in the east line of the West Jersey and Seashore Railroad, and on the South side of a ditch, in the bank of said ditch, at the corner of the woods North of the Borough of Elmer; thence along the land of James F. Anthony North seventy-three degrees East, and on the ditch bank to the line of William W. Johnson's mill-pond tract; next beginning at the aforesaid beginning corner on the ditch bank and running thence along the Easterly line of said Railroad, South eighteen degrees and fifty-five minutes West, nine chains and twenty-nine and three-quarter links to a stake for a corner in the East line of the said Railroad : thence by other land of the said Anthony North sixty-seven and three-quarter degrees East, about eight chains to the line of said Johnson's mill-pond tract, the several courses thereof, until the first described line is intersected.

Containing five and one-half (5 ) acres, more or less.

Together with a right of way through and over a certain road or way formed through lands adjoining the above described tract of land, beginning at the road leading from Elmer to Malaga, said way to be fifty feet in width, and run parallel with and adjacent to the East line of the said Railroad, with the full right and privilege at all times to freely pass and repass, on foot or with animals, vehicles, loaded or otherwise through and over said way and with full privilege to repair said way as occasion may require.

Subject to a right of way over the lands above described reserved by James F. Anthony in his deed dated May 1, 1896, to the S. M. Bassett Glass Company.

NO. 2 BEGINNING at the Southeast corner of the tract of land above described, and running thence North sixty-seven degrees and forty-five minutes East, to a point seventy-five feet short of main stream of William W. Johnson's mill-pond; thence commencing at the beginning corner and running by the line of the said The S. M. Bassett Glass Company purchased of James F. Anthony, to their corner to said Anthony's land; thence in a straight line with said Company's other land North seventy-three degrees East, to a point seventy-five feet short of said main stream to said mill-pond; thence bounding on said Johnson's other land always seventy-five feet from the said stream, the several courses thereof, until the line intersects the first line above named

Containing two (2) acres of land and swamp, more or less.

Being the same lands conveyed to the said Novelty Glass Manufacturing Company by Samuel P. Foster, Receiver, &c., by deed dated December 8, 1901 and of record in the Clerk's office of Salem County New Jersey.

TOGETHER with all other lands and real estate owned by the said Novelty Glass Manufacturing Company or in which said Company has any title or interest, situate in the County of Salem, in the State of New Jersey.

Together with all and singular the goods and chattels and personal property of the said Novelty Glass Manufacturing Company, not heretofore sold under said writ, and in its possession at its glass manufacturing plant at Elmer, New Jersey, or elsewhere, including wooden and iron moulds, punties, tools, implements, machinery, both fixed and movable, glass blowing machines and presses, glassware, manufactured and in process of manufacture, and all materials and supplies for the manufacture of the same, all patents, patent rights and privileges, all its corporate rights and franchises.

AND ALSO, all the estate, both real and personal, whereof said Novelty Glass Manufacturing Company is now seized, possessed of or entitled to, either at law or in equity, including all terms of years, rights of possession, and all the franchises of said Company, which it now has, whether by legislative grant or by consolidation or merger with other corporations or both; or by any other mode, and all stocks, bonds, debentures, securities, evidences of debt or assets of other corporations which said Company now has, whether directly transferred or delivered without transfer to the Company, or transferred to, held by, in possession of, or delivered to any other person or persons for the use of the said Company upon any trust or confidence, expressed or implied.

It is the intention to include herein all the property of the said Novelty Glass Manufacturing Company, real, personal and mixed, in possession or expectancy, together with all and singular the tenements, hereditaments, appurtenances, rights, franchises, privileges and easements.

Dated December 22, 1903.


107 East Commerce Street,

Bridgeton, N. J.

Walter H. Bacon, Solicitor,

Room No. 2, Pioneer Building,

Bridgeton, N. J.

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