Diamond Flint Glass Company, Montreal, Canada

Diamond Closes Amber Tank, Fire Destroys Cutting Shop

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 26, no. 28, p. 5, col. 1


Montreal, Can., April 22 -- The closing of the amber tank at the Diamond Flint Glass Co.'s plant last Saturday resulted in a number of bottle blowers being lasid off as well as two press shops.

Last Saturday night fire broke out in the cutting shop of the Diamond Flint Glass Co.'s plant and completely gutted that department, destroying all the machinery together with a large stock of lamps and punch tumblers. The walls being of brick, and the gallant work of the firemen is all that saved the blowing department from destruction. At that, the north end of the factory was badly scorched. The loss will approximate $10,000. But four punch tumbler shops of the working force are affected. Those four shops will work no more this season.

The origin of the balze is unknown, but is attributed by some to crossed electric wires while others maintain it was due to hot glass ladled from the amber tank which had just closed for the season. The loss is fully covered by insurance. The same building was gutted last October.

The Canadian Glass Co. closed their chimney plant a week ago.

A well founded rumor is to the effect that the entire plant of the Diamond company will close by the middle of May or the first of June.


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