Diamond Flint Glass Company, Montreal, Canada

Montreal Glass Gleanings, Diamond is operating three insulator machines

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Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 30, no. 21, p. 1, col. 3


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Montreal, Can., Feb 24. The Diamond Flint Glass Co. are operating three continuous tanks comprising 30 rings. Six machines are in operation making lanterns, quart milks, vaselines and fruit jars and three machines are working on insulators. Two of the Owens punch tumbler machines are also turning out ware. They have four shops on blown punch ware and four cap presses are also in operation.

The condition of the bottle trade does not appear to have improved very materially if one id to judge by the number of spare blowers at this plant.

The Diamond company are also operating the flint glass factory at Point St. Charles, a suburb of Montreal. At this plant, they employ 12 off-hand chimney shops, also six machines making lamp chimneys. One Owens blown ware machine is also in operation.

Word was received here last Monday announcing the death of Executive Member James J. Dunn. His many friends located here were indeed loath to believe the sad news. Bro Dunn's sudden taking off will be universally regretted by the glassworkers of the United States and Canada. Mr. Dunn learned his trade in Brooklyn and had barely reached his majority when he began to take an active part in the affairs of his organization, which at that time comprised all blowers east of the Alleghenies. His work during recent years in New Jersey was remarkable, especially when one compares the present conditions to the time when he entered that field.

Montreal has just gotten over the grand carnival. It was a great social event. Many members of English royalty were present. The chief attraction was the ice palace, it being visited by 200,000 people.

During the height of the carnival the employees of the Diamond Flint Glass Co. presented Fred Huckel, formerly of Muncie, Ind., with a loving cup. The event was the occasion of Mr. Huckel's thirtieth birthday. The affair was in charge of Jas. Kane and Patrick Whelan.

Among the recent arrivals here are John Deacon and Shorty Feymeire, of Muncie; Bill Castor from Alton, Ill.; Doc. Collins, or Philadelphia and Jas. Hollingsworth of Baltimore, Md. Blondy Wheahly has gone to Butler, Pa. Lachine.


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