Brookfield will not operate Brooklyn plant

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Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 30, no. 52, p. 12, col. 1


Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 26. -Branch No. 52, one of the staunchest branches of that giant tree which helps comprise the G.B.B.A., is enshrouded by a dark cloud, from which it appears that the has no change to emerge, for like a bolt from the firmament was the shock that was handed to the members of the Branch, when the Brookfield Glass Co. notified the men that their services would not be required any longer, as they would not resume operations this season. Whether the company has concluded to abandon the manufacture of bottles for good the writer is unable to state, but the outlook from the present point of view appears to be that way. This is indeed a severe blow to the older men in this Branch who have worked here nearly all their lives, in fact are pioneers. For them there is no possible chance to get a position elsewhere, and go the pace that the men have brought upon themselves. What is to be done with these men? Are they to be thrown into the discard? This is the question that confronts the members of Branch 52 today.

Some of the men have secured places at Ravenswood, while some of the younger element have secured positions elsewhere, with the object of giving up their chosen field in the bottle making industry permanently. Others that are of that dyed-in-the-wool opinion that the glass blowing trade still has alluring sediments of making a good living, considering other men in different walks of life. It does indeed seem strange to the writer, that in view of the fact that the workers have acceded to another reduction of 20 per cent, this firm, which is one of the oldest and was always one of the most reliable firms in the country, have decided to give up their bottle manufacturing business. -Gotham.


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