Brunt Introduces New Phoenix Decorated Patterns

Wm. Brunt & Co, East Liverpool, Ohio

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 22, no. 20, p. 93, col. 1

Wm. Brunt & Co. are represented in this holiday number by a full-page advertisement. The house was established as far back as 1850, and is one of the pioneers in the business. The Phoenix Pottery has been sending its product broadcast from Maine to California, and from the northern lakes to the gulf on the South, for the past thirty-six years; hence they are not strangers to the trade. Their works are very large, as will be seen on reference to the illustration, and their capacity is equal to enormous production, while in quality of goods, for color and durability, their boast is that they are unsurpassed by any factory in America, and challenge the world to show any better white granite ware than that bearing the stamp of the Phoenix. Their large production enables them to fill carload lots promptly, and their works are handily situated for this trade, being so near the C. & P. R. R. tracks. In their full-page advertisement will be found illustrations of the leading pieces of their new Phoenix dinner ware, which is their new square shape. It has been having a big run since their new illustrated price-lists were gotten out recently, which show every piece illustrated. If one of these lists is not in every crockery house in the country, it is not their fault, for they have mailed them broadcast, having nearly exhausted and edition of 10,000. If anybody has missed they can get one promptly on application. Their decorating department is in charge of Mr. H. B. Grokett, who is one of the finest artists in his line in this country, being an engraver as well as decorator. Their new Phoenix dinner set has been found well adapted for decoration, and several special designs have been applied to it which have resulted in bringing forth handsome effects. Their Bamboo and Ribbon toilet sets, in fine decorations, hand-painted, embracing a variety of birds, flowers, leaves, landscapes, moss roses, traced in gold, spears of wheat, etc., all pretty and attractive designs, which have the additional commendation of being new, are having a very successful sale. They are sending out their new Phoenix tea set in an entirely new trimming of forget-me-nots, in natural colors; also, moss rose, landscape, pansy, tiger lily, blue bell, and bird patterns, which are the tastiest of hand-painting. They are also making dinner and toilet ware in medium priced decorations, printed and filled in patterns, which are selling well, and going out rapidly now for the holiday trade. They have a big stock of decorated goods for the holiday season on hand, and orders can be filled promptly if they are placed immediately. Wm. Brunt & Co. do all their own decorating, and just now are working all the hands they can make room for night and day. Trade with this firm has been very heavy this fall, and their immense warehouse, which was filled to overflowing in July, looks sadly torn apart, while the works are being operated stronger than ever. Among the new things they now have under way at this place is their new Phoenix toilet set, which is a beauty, and will prove one of the handsomest things to be placed on the market early in 1886, probably ready by the first of January. It will be surpassed by none as a set for fine and medium-priced decoration. Wm. Brunt & Co. will not be behind in new things for 1886, and one of the first improvements will be branching out in decorated goods on a much larger scale, carrying a full and complete stock on all leading patterns.


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