Brunt Has Increased Its Plant

Wm. Brunt & Co, East Liverpool, Ohio

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 24, no. 21, p. 113, col. 2

Wm. Brunt & Co., manufacturers of white granite, are represented in this number with a full-page advertisement in which they show illustrations of their new "Phoenix" square shape, which is one of the prettiest and best selling articles on the market. One particularly good selling article in this shape is their new Phoenix square rice dish, which nests nicely and presents a very fine appearance. This firm makes three leading toilet sets; the "Ribbon," "Bamboo," and new "Phoenix;" the latter being their pride and special pet, which they pit against anything in the world for beauty and symmetrical appearance. During the year 1886 they have increased their plant by the erection of a new two-story brick building, which is used in enlarging their clay-working capacity, being devoted to pressing shops, and wherein several new jiggers are kept whirling making plates. This has enabled them to employ more workmen and greatly increase their output. Notwithstanding this the men have been working overtime for two months past. The Phoenix Pottery has been going full blast every day since the opening of the year except Decoration Day and Fourth of July. Natural gas is the sole fuel used, and aids greatly in the production of white granite, hard fired, and possessing a remarkably brilliant glaze, which makes ware of a very superior quality. They are using only the very best materials, and are keeping the Phoenix white granite up to the original standard. They are filling orders promptly, in both square and oval shapes. They have a very complete illustrated price-list, showing these shapes, and especially the Phoenix dinner and tea ware, illustrating every article. A copy of this list will be mailed to anyone on application by mail. The decorating department has been more than doubled in capacity, both in relation to kilns and labor, while new designs and patterns have been constantly placed in stock. One very pretty decoration has been specially engraved and adapted to suit the new Phoenix dinner and tea ware a hand-painted sketch in subdued colors something entirely new, very handsome, and altogether original at the Phoenix Pottery. These works are located so close to the C. & P. R. R. that they find special advantages in loading bulk car loads, which saves expenses in drayage and breakage. The Phoenix Pottery dates its origin back to 1850, and is one of the oldest and most successful in the Ohio valley, finding sale for its product for thirty-six years past in nearly every nook and corner of the Union. During this period it has been on one or two occasions almost destroyed by fire, but phoenix-like, has arisen and renewed its work of furnishing plates for the hungry millions in America bearing the Phoenix stamp on the bottom. I find this firm fully alive to the wants of the crockery trade in the future, and they will always be found ready to supply whatever is demanded. No business house in East Liverpool can show a more honorable business record than the old reliable pottery of Wm. Brunt & Co. Mr. Brunt can point with pride to his industrious career, energetic, honest, yet shrewd, and business-like manner of meeting an obligation. The business has grown so that more help has been needed, but in this Mr. Brunt has been greatly relieved by calling to his assistance his son, Mr. Wm. F. Brunt, who has charge of the pottery now as general superintendent, while in the office is found his son-in-law, Mr. B. M. Southan. Mr. Brunt is really to be congratulated that in this particular he is so fortunately situated and finds himself able to hand over the reins to his son, who is truly a young potter of great promise.


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