California no longer non-union, now under jurisdiction of GBBA

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 31, no. 48, p. 2, col. 1


Newsy Items Concerning Various Western

Glass Enterprises. - At Los Angeles,

Long Beach and Newport Beach.


Long Beach, Cal., August 26. The California Insulator Company's plant resumed operations recently under the jurisdiction of the Glass Bottle Blowers Association. This plant was formerly a non-union insulator and bottle factory. Chas. Eschelman, the well known former superintendent of the Sheldon Foster Glass Co.'s plant at Chicago Heights, Ill., has lately acquired an interest in this plant, and having a reputation for turning out high class ware and always being an employer of union men, he decided on assuming the management to employ members of the G.B.B.A.

Long Beach is a city of 18,000 people; a city of fine homes, well improved streets and park. It also has the finest bathing beach on the Pacific coast and is known as the Atlantic City of the west. Long Beach is twenty miles from Los Angeles by street cars.

The company have a fine site of ten acres and have one of the most up-to-date plants in the country. The plant contains a nine ring tank. In the past the main production was insulators but under the management of Mr. Eschelman bottles and jars will be made. They are operating an O'Neill narrow neck machine on sodas and have two teeple machines. They will also install a jar machine in the near future. It is said that they will build another tank shortly.

Stanley S. Stonaker, the genial secretary of the company, is building the new St. George Hotel, a modern fireproof building of 200 rooms. When completed it will be one of the show places of Long Beach.

Edw. and A. Stephenson, who call Marion, Ind., home, are late arrivals here. The boys says there is no place like Long Beach.

The J.B. Brannagan Art Glass Co.'s plant at Newport Beach, Cal., is nearing completion. The factory proper is built of steel, corrugated iron and cement. When completed it will be up to date in every respect.

The plant will contain an eight pot furnace to start with. They will manufacture high grade shades, blown tumblers, blanks for cut and etched glass, also Bohemian and mosaic glass. Mr. Brannagan returned recently from Europe where he made a special study of this glass. He showed the writer some of the samples which are really works of art.

The factory has an ideal location only a short distance from the ocean from which the breakers can be seen rolling in. The company have a large plot of land and expect to build another furnace in the near future. Brannigan was formerly manager of the Macbeth-Evans plant at Charleroi, Pa.

The old Quartz Glass Co. at Los Angeles, Cal., have dismantled their plant and the tank, lehrs, mold and factory supplies were sold. They use the quartz mills at present to grind a finishing sand for building purposes. This factory was built about 17 years ago. It was operated as a press house and later as a bottle factory. However, during the past four years it has been out of blast. - Golden Gate.


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