California is now making jars & soda bottles on it's 8 ring tank

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 31, no. 50, p. 3, col. 2

Glass Affairs at Long Beach.


Long Beach, Cal., Sept. 9. - The California Insulator Co.'s plant, which formerly turned out insulators exclusively, is now making jars and soda bottles. It contains an eight ring tank and is a fine little factory, being located between Long Beach, (California's finest ocean resort) and San Pedro, the Los Angeles harbor.

Among the machine workers here are Al and Edward Stevenson, Al Birmingham, Chas. Henderson and Barney Grant, formerly of Marion, Ind., Chas. Miller and Frank W. Evans. This factory is under the jurisdiction of the Glass Bottle Blowers Association. - Sierra.


Keywords:California Glass Insulator Company
Researcher notes:Barney Grant came up from Covington, KY to work at the Hemingray factory when it opened up the Muncie, IN factory. At some point, he left and ended up in Marion, IN and then California.
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