In Southern California; California has two insulator shops, one O'Neill machine making bottles, and two Teeple-Johnson machines, B.J. Grant listed

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Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 31, no. 51, p. 2, col. 1



Long Beach, Cal., Sept. 15. - Everything is going along fine at the California Glass Insulator Co.'s plant. They have a fine factory and a cool place about half a mile from the Pacific ocean. While we are working we can see the boats going to 'Frisco and Seattle.

There are two insulator shops working here, one O'Neil [sic] O'Neill machine making soda bottles, and two Teeple-Johnson machines. There is a fine mold shop at this plant.

Among those employed here are Edw. Stephenson and Al Stephenson, from Marion, Ind.; Mart Henderson, from Yuma, Arizona, The latter arrived here from the Big G. ranch, where he had been a cow puncher for the past year. He is looking fine and says he is glad to be back with the boys.

Al Stephenson, who arrived recently, gave us all the news from the G.B.B.A. convention at Marion.

The Boys all enjoy the bathing in the Pacific.

Among the others here are Frank Evans, from Reading, O., Al Birmingham, from Chicago Heights, Ill.; Lee Miller, Moundsville, W. Va.; Ray Humes, Cambridge, O.; B.J. Grant, Marion, Ind.; Chas. Pancoast, Los Angeles; John Weatherwax, W. S. Haskins, Roy Zubre, Arthur Thompson and Theodore Redrick.

Elmer Ervin, the popular moldmaker from Chicago Heights, came last week with his young bride. Here is hoping they like southern California. - Calaveras.


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Researcher notes:Barney Grant came up from Covington, KY to work at the Hemingray factory when it opened up the Muncie, IN factory. At some point, he left Hemingray and ended up in Marion, IN working for the Canton Glass Co. and then went later to California.
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