Diamond Glass Company, Montreal, Canada

Farewell reception held for M.M. Connelly, assistant manager of Diamond Glass Company

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 30, no. 22, p. 13, col. 1


Montreal, Can., Feb 29. Last Saturday the members of Local Union No. 24, A. F. G. W. U., and Branch No. 18, G. B. B. A., and employees of other departments at the Diamond Glass Co.'s plant, tendered a social and farewell reception to M. M. Connelly, (better known as Mike), assistant manager of the above named plant during the past seven years, and who is about to sever his connection and take up other business at Los Angeles, Cal. A large representation was present from each department.

J. L. Lenaux, president of Branch No. 18, occupied the chair and briefly welcomed all present. He then called upon Executive Office Patrick E. Whelan, who, in well chosen remarks placed before those present the past career of Mr. Connelly as a glassworker. He also commented on the efficient manner in which he had performed his duties as assistant manager, and, as a token of the good wishes of the employees of the Diamond Glass Co., he then presented Connelly with a solid gold watch amid the applause of those present. Mr. Connelly most graciously accepted the gift and in sentences broken by emotion thanked those present for their kind remembrance.

Wm. Black and Thos. Bates, of Local Union No 24, were called on and made suitable remarks fitting to the occasion which were well received, after which the social part of the affair was taken up and very much enjoyed.

Judging from the manner in which the right hand of fellowship was extended to Connelly he can rest assured that he is taking with him the hearty good wishes of all for his success in his undertaking. After the singing of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow," the event was brought to a successful close. Canuck.


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