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Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 30, no. 36, p. 1, col. 2


Review of Trade Conditions at Hamburg,

Alden, Lancaster, Loclcport and

Toronto—Notes and Personals.

By Otto G. Schreiner


The new factory of the Pierce Glass Co. at Hamburg, N. Y., has been operating full capacity since it was put in operation the early part of this fire, and although handicapped by a scarcity of small help at present expect to continue operating steadily. Manager La Course states that they will in all probability make an early start next fire, as they are well supplied with orders for some time to come. This company operate one of the largest day tanks in the country, 16 rings, on prescription and proprietary medicines exclusively.

Plans have been made to erect a new tank at this place this summer, which will probably be equipped with machines.

The Lockport Glass Co.'s plant has registered a good run this season as usual, with all the men making good time and a good run of glass. This plant is noted for steady operation and ten machines are being worked double shift on milks and jars.

Ware is being shipped as fast as produced at the New York Glass Works, Alden, N. Y., where they are working to capacity. The small amber tank was started recently at this place and everything indicates a continuation of steady work. Three tanks of 12 rings capacity are operated on machine and hand blown bottles.

The Industrial Glass Co. are operating steadily at Lancaster, N.Y., with 11 shops, six on the day shift and five on the night turn. Orders and shipments are very brisk at this place, and on the whole affairs are running along in a satisfactory manner.

The Diamond Flint Glass Co., Ltd., registered a very busy season at their factory in Toronto, Can., this season, and there is a brisk demand for ware. Work on the new factory being erected by this company at Hamilton is being rushed as rapidly as possible. This will be a two-tank plant and will be modern in every respect. It will be equipped with Owens machines.

The Independent Glass Producers Co.'s factory at Toronto will close down on June 22, or probably earlier, in order to make some changes in their plant here. Six bottle, four lamp chimney, six tumbler punch and two iron mold shops are employed at this factory. H. M. Libengood, formerly of Beaver Falls and Philadelphia, is managing this plant.

Affairs at Wallaceburg.

All departments have been working steadily at the Sydenham Glass Co., Ltd., Wallaceburg, Can., where they have experienced a very busy season. Two tanks of 14 rings on machine and hand blown ware and an eight-pot furnace on off-hand chimneys and bottles are operated at this factory.

The off-hand chimney shops at this place are working on a division of time at present, but owing to the exceptionally big production that Manager Alphonse Schaff is getting from the furnace they are making pretty fair time.

M. J. Clarke, who for many years was one of the most active workers in the machine jar and bottle department of the A. F. G. W. U., is in charge of the Owens machines at the Sydenham Glass Co.'s plant at Wallaceburg, and is meeting with success.

Fred Reiter, formerly of Montreal, is holding a place at the Sydenham factory. Mr. Reiter was with the Standard Glass Co., Marion, Ind., a number of years.

Wm. Flynn, the well known machine worker, expects to leave for Beausejour, Manitoba, this week, where he has accepted a place.

Al Hufford, M. Kerrigan, Jos. Brothers, V. A. Tighe, Ed Kicknosway, J. Rothery, W. H. Robinson, F. J. Delona, R. Chareonneau, Marshal Quinn, Wm. Kee, C. timson, Adolph Feabey, M. Murray, H. Watson, R. Judson and A. Stern are on the roster at Wallaceburg.

J. M. Seubert is in charge of the glass making in the machine factory at the above plant.

D. E. Waller, C. J. Omeler and F. Harrison are among those in the mold shop at Wallaceburg.

A. Tighe and H. Greenwood will represent this Branch at the G. B. B. A. convention at Olean. — John Clancy will represent Wallaceburg at the Flint convention this summer.

Notes and Personals.

Ralph Libengood, formerly of Cumberland, Md., is finishing on a press shop at the Independent Glass Producers Co.'s factory in Toronto.

W. Hillebrecht, formerly of Alton, Ill., has charge of the mold shop at the above factory. Mr. Hillebrecht is well known in the trade, having served a number of years as executive officer from the moldmaking branch. — John Morgan, Vic Refold, John Andrews, Geo. Montgomery, M. J. Gaffney, P. Kilgallon and Arthur Neff are among those employed at this place.

John Clark Malcolmson, for many years prominent in the glass business at Toronto, died at his home recently. Mr. Malcolmson was manager at the Diamond Glass Co.'s plant at Toronto for a number of years and was liked and respected by all who knew him.

Steve Griffin, formerly of Wallaceburg, is holding down a place on a one-ounce shop at Toronto.

Our old friend, James Blythe, is turning them out as usual at the Diamond Glass Co.'s factory. Others employed there include C. W. Clark, W. C. White, J. Aitkin, A. Day, C. Patterson, W. Munn, J. Laforce, C. Stahl, H. Fowles, M. Pancoast, R. Murrin, E. Scott, R. Mayhorne, E. Mounts, W. Morrison, R. Fucard, W. White, C. McNicol, N. Crevier, T. Havers, J. Groves, J. W. Ryan and J. McAnemy.

Branch No. 108, Hamburg, N. Y., elected Charles Andrews to represent them at the Olean convention this summer. The officers of this Branch are: J. Howard Lynch, president; Preston Abbot, vice president; Charles Rohland, secretary; Charles Andrews, financial secretary; O. Newkirk, treasurer.

J. P. Lown is rolling them out on the 15-ounce panel shop at Hamburg. — Chas. Rohland is among those who can be found taking an active interest in trade affairs at Hamburg. — Tim Loney, Clarence Magee, Jos. B. Parker, Wm. Gilland and Thomas Ford are holding places at Hamburg. — F. W. Ackley, formerly of Rochester, N. Y., is in charge of the blacksmith shop at Hamburg.

A. T. Ryan and Aug. Eckhart have been elected to represent Lockport at the Montreal convention.

Among those working at Lockport are W. B. Jones, A. Robinson, Jas. Dean, David Jones, Earl Kuntz, H. W. Smith, Fred Fisher, H. Tompkins, Carl Criswell, Miller Snarr, E. B. Criswell, J. D. Johnson, J. Penney, Richard White and H. Porter.

C. N. Zimmer and Jos. Mahler are in the mold shop at Lockport, Mr. Zimmer having charge of this department.

J. W. Mayne is the capable factory manager at Lockport.

Branch No. 34, G. B. B. A., of Alden, elected Clarence Timberman to represent them at the Olean convention.

Lawrence Curtis and Geo. Stine are among the new arrivals at Alden.

P. O'Day and Bert Quail have recently started to work at Alden, holding places on a machine at that place.

H. G. Markley is at his old stand at Alden, and continues to take an active interest in trade affairs.

A. G. Scudders, F. Githers, H. Wessel, Clarence Burlison, John Fern, A. R. Blood, J. W. Evans, N. Van Cossaboon, J. Robison, F. Ubihear and F. R. Gerwick are well known names to be found on the roster at Alden.

Our old friend, Wm. Nath, is turning them out as usual at Lancaster, where we also met B. Stahl, Thos. Coughlin, Albert Witsel, Jos. Kupfer, Jos. P. Lamb, M. A. Schlachter, M. Pancoast and J. Robinson.

Branch No. 66, of Toronto, Can., elected Howard Munn, John Andrews and Gleason Phillips to represent them at the Olean convention. Munn is well known as an active worker in the G. B. B.A. and has attended several conventions during the past few years.


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