Diamond Flint Glass Company, Montreal, Canada

David Pugh formerly of Diamond to work at new Atlas Glassworks

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 31, no. 1, p. 1, col. 1-2



Details Concerning Plan for the Erection

of a Fine Plant at St. Pierre, a Suburb

of Montreal David Pugh, a Prominent

Former United States Glass Man, is One

of the Promoters Will Erect Two Large

Continuous Tanks Plant will be Con-

structed Along the Most Modern Lines.

Will Manufacture Diversifies Lines of

Ware Good Financial Backing for the

New Company Pugh Will be General



Readers of the Glassworker will recall the fact that some weeks ago an item was carried in these columns to the effect that the Atlas Glass Works, Limited, had been incorporated by parties in Canada, but none of the names given as incorporators were generally known in the glass industry. However, it has since developed that one of the largest and most modernly equipped glass plants in the country will be erected at St. Pierre which is a suburb of Montreal, and that steps are now being taken to begin the erection of the building which will be 250 x 250 feet in dimension.

The Atlas Glass Works, Ltd. Has an authorized capitalization of $750,000. The directors are George I. Kavanaugh, merchant; O. L. Brimelle, financial agent; J. Whitesall, manufacturer; Laurent G. Morih, of R. Forget, banker, and David Pugh, manufacturer, all of Montreal. The latter, who is widely known in American glass circles, is one of the leading spirits in the project, and will have personal supervision over the work of erecting the factory which will have a capacity that will enable the company to turn out over a million dollars worth of all kinds of glassware annually.

As stated above, the plant will be located at St. Pierre, within ten minutes ride west from City Hall. The company will have splendid shipping facilities, considered the best in Canada, and including the Canadian Pacific and Grand Trunk railways as well as the canal, thus providing for both rail and water shipments. Excellent local delivery service has also been provided for.

According to the plans of the promoters, the factory building proper will be 17 feet above the ground. The basement will be devoted to mixing and storing the raw materials. There will be two gas producers plants, one for each furnace, operated independently of each other. The power house will be located in the center of the plant, which will be electrically equipped throughout with the most modern appliances. The matter of ventilation will also be looked after as, in additional to a complete wind system, twenty-four large windows are to be provided in each tank department.

The specifications provide for two continuous tanks of 12 rings capacity, one of which will be manned by bottle blowers, while the other will be devoted to the manufacture of a general line of ware, and will be partly machine equipped.

All the ware produced by the new company will be handled automatically from the end of the lehrs to the packing department and special attention will be paid to securing first class, reliable service with the view of minimum cost of handling.

There will be 8 sixty ft. continuous lehrs operated by electric power. A mold shop 50 x 50 feet, two stories high with entrances to both tank departments is also included in the specifications. The tanks, which will be locates at the two ends of the big building will be fed automatically. A patent batch mixer of Mr. Pugh's own construction will also be installed.

Arrangements have now been made to provide for a thoroughly competent staff in all departments of the plant, from the manufacturing to the sales end. In fact, practical and experienced men have already been engaged, men who know the business from end to end. It is not as yet definitely known when a start will be made, but the work of erecting the plant will be rushed as rapidly as possible.


In this connection, a few words concerning David Pugh, the promoter of the enterprise, will not be amiss. Mr. Pugh has successfully managed quite a number of glass factories and is known throughout the confines of the American glass industry. He was in charge of the South Cumberland Glass Co.'s plant, at Cumberland, Md., for a period of about five years, this concern being later known as the Queen City Glass Co. The officers of this company were F. W. Mertens, president; F. L. Tilghman, secretary and treasurer, and David Pugh, manager.

The latter left the Queen City Co. to take charge of the bottle plant at Everett, Pa., which was operated by the Everett Glass Co. The officers were David Pugh, president, J. Alexander, secretary; Oscar Doty, treasurer, the latter being cashier of the First National bank, at Everett. The operation of this plant was successfully conducted about seven years, after which Mr. Pugh, being confronted with a greater opportunity, accepted a position as general superintendent of the Diamond Flint Glass Co.'s plant at Montreal, Can., and he remained with this company over eight years, tendering his resignation last January. However, it was not accepted until Wednesday of last week when the company kindly allowed the contract to terminate, thus permitting Mr. Pugh to take up the immense project to which he is now devoting his entire attention.

Mr. Pugh is a practical and capable glass man and has gained a thorough knowledge of the different branches of the industry in the course of his managerial experience. He has been connected with factories which turned out diversified lines of ware, and has had an experience which comes to very few glass factory managers. He erects all his own tanks, has an excellent working knowledge of the tank block and clay department and is the possessor of trade knowledge in other than the factory department proper which makes him a most valuable man for any concern. In view of these facts and with the excellent financial backing he has secured, Mr. Pugh's many friends in the trade predict that the new venture will meet with unqualified success.


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