Gayner Glass Works, Salem, New Jersey

Gayner Finally Started for Season in South Jersey District

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 30, no. 52, p. 3, col. 3


Salem, N. J., Sept. 26. - Affairs have settled down all right and the wage settlement seems to meet with the approval of the workers in general in the South Jersey district.

At Gayner's, after two attempts to start, they finally succeeded and went to work on Friday, Sept. 13, with a full complement of shops on the seven-ring tank, making carboys, grape juice and water bottles.

The Salem Glass Works started one five-ring day tank on Sept. 3, one five-pot furnace on the 11th and another on the 18th. Their tanks are not ready to start yet, but they are working on them night and day.

Quite a number from Clayton secured places here this blast. When they get settled down the writer will give the roster.

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