Gayner Glass Works, Salem, New Jersey

Busy Times at Salem, Gayner Operating with Same Roster of Workmen

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 31, no. 4, p. 7, col. 1


Encouraging Trade Report From the Hustling South Jersey Glass Town.

Notes and Personals.

Salem, N. J., Oct. 24. - The workers at this place have now settled down to business, and everybody seems to be contented. The Gayner plant is operating with the same roster of workmen as last year.

At the Salem glass works they now have three pot furnaces of 16-pot capacity, one five-ring day tank, and two seven-ring tanks in blast. The last one started Saturday, Oct. 19. They had a little trouble with one tank. They changed it from the old style to a western style tank. They could not get it hot enough to work, but it is doing better now.

Work is being rushed on the big tank which will be ready in three or four weeks, and then there will be more blowers at work in Salem than there has been for a period of four years.

The officers of Branch No. 6 are: Wm. Horner, president; Wm. Penton, vice president; John Eagan, recording secretary; Gervis R. Stratton, financial secretary; C. H. Reeves, treasurer; Clarence Forrest, conductor; Wm. Brown, guard; F. Somers, Hill Patrick and Frank Gaunt, trustees. We hold very interesting meetings with a good attendance.

The boys who work in the west, and still have their homes in Salem, have all gone. Charles and Fritz Klein were the last to leave on Saturday Oct. 19.

Jos. Harkins has returned to Salem after working at Alexandria, Va., for the last five years.

I noted in The Glassworker a report from Paden City, W. Va., which stated that Bill Butt was a rooter for the New York Giants. Bill should learn something from lessons that the American league has taught the National during the past three years. Dutch Reynolds, of Salem, is the same way. He banks on the Nationals and "fifteen on the red" still goes.

D. Stewart Craven is a candidate for congress in the first district with fair chances of going to Washington. His is one of the mmbers [sic] members of the Salem Glass Works, and his many friends in this section are greatly interested in his candidacy. - Fost [sic] Fort Mott.


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