South Jersey District Report, Salem Glass Works, Gayner

Gayner Put One Jericho Shop on Half Time

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 31, no. 18, p. 16, col. 1-2


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Salem - At the Craven and

Gayner Plants.

Salem, N. J., Jan. 30. - Everything is running along about the same as usual here. The Salem Glass Works is operating full capacity. The owl shift is working spare and it is hard to keep all the places filled. They are making the best of glass this season at both local plants. They are shipping about up to the production and not much ware is accumulating.

Gayner's put one of their jericho shops on half time last week on account of drawing on the furnace so hard, but there are so many workers on the sick list that the balance make very nearly full time.

Edw. Geslin had the misfortune to have two of his fingers cut off last week.

Jack Wescoat has given up his place and has purchased a moving picture show. He is doing well. Thus, one by one, the workers are getting away from the factory.

There was a little incident happened in west end of our city last week which will be very interesting to glassworkers in Terre Haute, Lockport, Paden City and Coshocton. One of our sports had a day off and, strolling around town, he happened in the west end. There is a resort there that bears the classic name of "Red Boot." (I think they shoot craps there). Now, if there is anything "Dutch" likes to do it is to shoot craps and eat muskrats. He concluded to go it, but had not been there long before something happened. "Dutch" got a Jack Johnson smash on the jaw which took him out from under his hat. Hating to leave his chapeau he attempted to recover it, but got another blow. The he decided to move, which he did in double quick time leaving his hat. He passed Miller and Heady who asked him what was the matter. "Dutch" yelled back that the "Red Boot" was on fire, and he was going to the fire box to turn in an alarm. No bells rang except those that were ringing in his head. He never showed up until 8 p. m. and then he had a dandy fairy tale to relate. - Fort Mott.


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