Gayner is operating one tank, battery jars among products

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Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 31, no. 27, p. 1,5, col. 2,1-2


Vineland, Millville and Salem Factories

Are Visited by the Glassworker's

Staff Representatives Who Submits

a Newsy Trade


By Harold C. Gauding

The Kimble-Durand Glass Co.'s Vineland and Millville, N. J., plants are operating steadily with the exception of one of the furnaces at Vineland, which is to be repaired. It, will be closed down only about ten days. This companies factories have been running steadily right along and prospects are exceedingly bright for a continued run. A fine grade of thermos bottles and glass tubing is made.

Ralph Barber the well known former flint glassworker of Millville, is manager of the Vineland plants and is getting splendid results. The Millville factory is in charge of Chas. W. Hankins. Both have had years of experience in their line and know the business thoroughly.

But for the quick work of Manager Barber and the workmen at the Vineland factory a serious fire would have occurred the other day. Hot ashes from the lehrs were taken out on a heap near the plant and the strong wind fanned the coals into a flame which ignited some paper nearby. This was blown under the building and fire broke out in several places. The fire department was called out, but the blaze was extinguished before the firemen arrived.

The T. C. Wheaton factory, Millville, N. J, is in steady operation with one furnace of 12 pots in commission. There are 12 to 14 shops working at present and these will very probably continue to work until the end of the blast. A general line of high grade prescription ware and ointment jars is made at this factory. Walter Reeves has charge of the plant and is well liked by everyone. All the shops are making good time and the employes appear to be satisfied.

Bottle Trade Affairs at Salem.

Affairs, at the Salem Glass Works, Salem, N. J., are progressing nicely. The plant is operating to capacity with a full complement of shops on the roster. This plant contains three continuous tanks of twenty-three rings capacity and three furnaces of sixteen pots and one day tank.

Business has been good and prospects are bright for a continued run during the balance of the season. Lines of beers, sodas, minerals, twister ware, fruit jars and a general line of bottles are made. One of the continuous tanks equipped with machines was shut down Saturday morning because of a leak. It will be repaired at once and a steady run is anticipated when these have been completed.

The Gayner Glass Co.'s plant, Salem, N. J., is being operated steadily with one continuous tank in commission. The shops are turning out a line of carboys, demijohns and water bottles. A line of battery jars is also made at this factory.

The Gayner plant has been working steadily right along, orders have been plentiful and a steady run until the end of the season seems to be assured.

Notes Concerning the Workers.

Chas. Durand, who works in the tube factory at Vineland, wears a broad smile these days one that won't come off. Reason! Big baby boy arrived at his home last Monday.

Jas. McDonald, also a worker at the Vineland tubing plant, is another member of the smiling brigade. He is also entertaining a new arrival at his home.

Jesse R. Stibbs, the veteran bottle blower of Olney, Ill., is now gathering at the Millville plant of the Kimble-Durand Co. He is progressing nicely in his present location and his many friends will be pleased to learn that he is doing well.

On the roster at the Kimble-Durand plants will he found F. A. Davoine, Henry Durand, Paul Durand, Chas. Souders, Jos. Phillips, Wm. Souders, Thos. Jost, Arthur Hogan, W. F. Gavigan, McClelland Schlagel, Harry Fenna, John Sehl, H. Marquart, John B. Reed, James and George Barber, Wm. McNally, Walter and William Hughes, Phil Pensa, Edgar Spencer, Chas. Palmer, Jas. Schlagel, H. W. Koetz and Jules Moreland.

On the roster at the Wheaton factory the writer noticed Harry Chard, Wm. D. Anderson, W. C. Erickson, O. Parent, Frank Green, Geo. Kears, John Radel, Henry, William and Lorenzo Lober, H. N. Brooks, Ered Charlesworth , and Daniel Shull.

Harry Machin, formerly of Bridgeton, is now employed at the Salem Glass Works.

J. Cunningham, formerly connected with the Maryland Glass Corporation, Baltimore, Md., is now in charge of the machines at the Salem Glass Works.

Wm. Horner and Edw. Wilson, who were delegates to the Olean convention last August, are working on the quart shop at the Salem plant.

Among the employes at the Salem Glass Works are Edgar Hann, formerly of Millville; Samuel Sooy, Frank S. Gant, Frank Truax, J. F. Summers, A. Lehberger, John W. Egan, Elmer Hewitt, Edw. N. Sharp, Geo. S. Hall, Allen Harris, Geo. Berry, Fred Farenkopff, John T. and James Reilly, Chester Bowen, Henry Houvig, Wm. Jenkins, Edw. Doran, Charles M. Newsome and L. Cunningham.

At the Gayner plant the following may be found: Samuel Archer; Wm. Beatty, Harry Sheppard, Arthur Thomas, Albert Waddington, Jesse S. Steelman, Harry Depeugh, Frank Gallagher and Robert Counsellor.


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