Gayner Glass Works, Salem, New Jersey

Gayner Installed New Furnace, 12 Shops Working Three Shifts

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 31, no. 50, p. 5, col. 1-2

Glass News from Salem.

Salem, N. J., Sept. 11. - At the Gayner Glass Co's plant they have installed a new furnace of the same capacity as last year. The have 12 shops working three shifts on grape juice, two shops double shift, two jericho shops working all day turn, a battery jar shop which will work double this week, and one fruit jar shop. All are doing well. The management think if they could go to work at 12 M. Monday the three shift system would be more satisfactory to them although they made no . . . [illegible text] . . .ck on the settlement in general.

Shipments have been brisk all summer. Mark Cleighton is the superintendent of the machine shop at this plant and his courteous manner has won from him a list of friends.

At the Salem Glass Works there have been no changes as far as capacity in concerned. They will operate about the same as last season, although prospects are not as bright at this point as at the others. The management claims the machine has taken some of the best and largest orders. Should they lose other orders Salem will be short one factory this year. They are trying to make the best of it and have started a five pot continuous tank and one day tank so far, with the prospects good for another furnace starting next week. They claim shipments have fallen off one-third the past months. This firm thought they should have had a small reduction on small ware, otherwise they have no kick.

Hank Paulding is in charge of the mold shop at this plant and is there with the goods.

Mr. Godwin, at the Gayner plant, the efficient superintendent, is always on the job and always gives the men all the information they wish.

Chas. and Fred Kleine have gone to Terre Haute; Peter Parker and Jos. Tassie to Point Marion; Wm. and Mike Dwyer to Coshocton. - Fort Mott.


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