Obituary of Stewart McKee

Stewart McKee, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 22, no. 21, p. 26, col. 2



THE announcement of the sudden death of Mr. Stewart McKee, of the firm McKee & Bros., flint glass manufacturers, South side, Pittsburgh, which occurred on the morning of November 11 at his residence, 111 Sheffield street, created a profound impression among the citizens of that place, where he was so well known and esteemed, and deep sorrow among his numerous friends and acquaintances. Mr. McKee was taken ill a little before midnight on the evening prior to his death, and though several physicians who were promptly summoned labored hard to alleviate his condition he expired at about half past seven in the morning. Mr. McKee was born on Bingham street, near Tenth, South side, about forty years ago. He father, Mr. Thomas McKee, was one of the founders of the glass manufacturing firm of SS McKee & Co., and also one of the pioneers of the glass industry in Pittsburgh. The deceased was educated at the Western University and subsequently went into the glass business with his brother Mr. H. Sellers McKee, under the style of McKee & Bros., which copartnership existed up to the time of his death. He was one of the most prominent and influential citizens of the South side, being vice-president of the Merchants' and Manufacturers' Bank, director of the First National Bank or Birmingham, of the South side Gas Co., the Birmingham Bridge Co., the Monongahela Water Co., and he was one of the originators of the Fael Gas Co. He was also interested in several insurance companies, and was largely concerned in other enterprises. His estate, it is supposed, is worth a million dollars. He was married a little over two years ago to Miss Dalzell, of Pittsburgh, and she, with one child, survives him. Mr. McKee was never a very robust man, although until recent years his health was fair. Because of defective hearing he was regarded by some as cold and reserved, whereas he was a courteous, affable, and genial man, very kind-hearted, and most affectionate in his domestic relations. He was very highly regarded as a business man, both for his ability and integrity. An affection of the stomach, not clearly defined, was the cause of his death. He was interred in the Allegheny Cemetery on Saturday. Resolutions of respect to his memory were adopted by the directors of the Merchants' and Manufacturers' Bank and other corporations, with which he was officially connected.

At a special meeting of the Western Flint and Lime Glass Protective Association, held November 13, the following minute was adopted:

In the Providence of God we are again called to record the death of one of the members of our Association - Stewart McKee, of the firm of McKee & Bros. - who was suddenly summoned on the morning of the 11th inst., in the 41st year of his age, to join that innumerable host beyond.

Stewart McKee has, it may be said, grown up in the glass business, his father being one of the pioneers in the window glass business in this city, and his elder brother engaging in the manufacture of flint glass in 1850, in which Stewart joined him on his graduation from the Western University of this city.

The members of the Association of which he has been a member from the organization take pleasure in bearing testimony to his integrity and high sense of honor, his happy and cheerful disposition, and his genial and cordial manner. While he was rarely found at the meetings of the Association, owing to his defective hearing, he was a valued and loyal member.

His attachments as a friend were strong and hearty. As a son, brother, husband and father his affections were unusual in their strength and devotion. To them we tender our sincerest sympathy in this sad and sudden bereavement, and commend them to Him who alone can help in such a time.


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