Slag from smelting is being made into tableware

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 22, no. 23, p. 23, col. 2

The Denver Journal of Commerce reports that the slag resulting from the smelting of copper, gold and silver ores at Argo is now being returned to Denver in the shape of beautiful tableware. The colors are a sort of spray onyx and opal flushed in waves throughout the ware. The glass works where it is made say they have direct control over these colors, the slag containing a larger percentage of material necessary than can be found in slag elsewhere. It is melted in an intense heat, then poured into vats of agitated water, then remelted and poured into molds after or together with an acid mixture which causes the metal to flux pretty generally with added materials. The result is a metallic glass with the strength of light cast iron, and in any form of tableware, bowls, cups, tumblers, etc., with the most beautiful sprays of onyx stone colors upon a general background of opal.


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