Wormser loses case to Consolidated Fruit Jar Company

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 22, no. 10, p. 21, col. 1


In the case of the Consolidated Fruit Jar Co., of New Brunswick, N.J., against Isaac Wormser and the Wormser Glass Co., of this city, for infringement of trademark, an opinion was handed down on Monday last week by Judge Acheson, of the United States Circuit Court, adverse to the latter company. The judge said that the design on the jar made by the defendant, though not exactly similar, was so nearly identical with that covered by the trademark of the plaintiff that the motion for the preliminary injunction asked for seemed to him reasonable, and he should accordingly grant it, with costs. It is probable that any further litigation will be averted by mutual compromise between the suitors.


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