Robert Hemingray ruled off the track


Publication: The San Francisco Call

San Francisco, CA, United States
vol. 93, no. 3, p. 11, col. 7



Man Who Traduced His Dead Mistress

Can Never Again Enter


Robert Hemingray, whose, pretty mistress committed suicide at the Knickerbocker apartment house at 1340 Pine street last Saturday night, was formally ruled off the Ingleside race track yesterday. Never again will he or his horses, jockeys or attendants be admitted within its gates. Furthermore, he was ordered to immediately take his horses and all his belongings from the track.

Being ruled off the racecourse practically puts an end to his career, as the other racecourses of this country will take cognizance of what has occurred here. Hemingray recognized that he has run his last race and yesterday disposed of Hindred, one of his horses. The other Lord Kitchener, will be sold as soon as a purchaser can be found.

The inquest over the remains of Carlotta Campiglio, or Steffen, will be held this morning at 10:30 o'clock. Robert Hemingray, his brother, C. T. Hemingray, and his wife will be called upon to tell what they know of the unfortunate woman. Preparations are being made to have the body shipped back to Cincinnati.

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